Calling all Artists

2015 T-Shirt Design Contest

Official Contest Rules

By participation in the contest, artist accepts and agrees to comply with these Official Rules.


1. This contest is open to all artists; professional, amateur and student.

2.  You must be 18 years or older to submit.  If you’re under 18 years old, you can still create a design but it must be submitted on your behalf by a parent or guardian.


Individuals may submit up to three designs and must email each one separately.  Entry designs must be submitted via email to: as a PDF ‘outined’ file and not to exceed 5MB in size.

By entering, artist acknowledges, agrees and understands that ALL submitted designs will become the exclusive property of Imprinted Sportswear/Zephyr Printing, which retains exclusive rights to the reproduction of the design(s) and the submitting artist relinquishes all rights to such design.

Artist must acknowledge that each entry design is: (A) wholly original; (B) does not incorporate or include any material that would require the consent of any third party OTHER THAN the University of Iowa licensing department of which Imprinted Sportswear/Zephyr Printing is licensed for; and (C) does not violate any copyright, trademark, publicity right, privacy right, or any other right of any third party (other than the University of Iowa Licensing Dept).  Imprinted Sportswear/Zephyr Printing shall have the right to  edit, composite, scan, duplicate or alter the entry design for any purpose which it deems necessary or desirable, without the need for any further compensation, and/or permission.  Submissions including offensive language, offensive imagery or themes will be excluded from competition.  

All graphics should be designed for a single-sided, centered screen printed placement. Maximum number of colors is three (3) for each design.

Deadline for entries:  You must submit your design by 12:01am, Monday, May 4th.

Approval of designs:  All entry designs will be screened and those that comply with these rules and have met the guidelines and specifications as detailed above and on will be entered in to the competition.  Once approved, all designs will be posted in a special album on our Facebook page, where user voting will determine the grand prize, 2nd place, and 3rd place winners


Selection of winner:  The design with the largest number of ‘likes’ as of 12:01am, Friday, May 8th, will be the grand prize winner.  The design with the second largest number of ‘likes’ will be the second place winner, and the design with the third largest number of ‘likes’ will be the third place winner.  All winners will be notified by email, announced on Facebook, and confirmed on the website on Friday, May 8th by 10am.


The winners will have 72 hours (3 days) to claim prizes at Imprinted Sportswear/Zephyr Printing downtown location at:  124 E. Washington, Iowa City, Iowa.  319-351-3500.